Open Forum for all UNISON members – 3 Dec Belfast

Restore Democracy in UNISON

Re-instate Pat Lawlor

OPEN FORUM – 7.30pm Wed 3 Dec, Premier Inn, 2-6 Waring Street, Belfast

Download leaflet open-forum-nov08-colour_layout-2

open-forum-nov08-colour-smaUnison members across Northern Ireland face the prospect of cuts in real pay, massive job losses, ongoing privatisation, increased workloads and worsening working conditions.

Yet rather that standing up for the rights of all members and in defence of public services, the Unison leadership seem more interested in trampling on the democratic rights of members and witch hunting good activists from the union.

Health workers face the threat of 2500 jobs being axed over the next three years. We need strong unions capable of forcing the Assembly to reverse these cuts.

Instead of trying to strengthen its base throughout the Health service, the local Unison leaders have been putting their energies into expelling shop stewards like Pat Lawlor, Nursing convenor in the RVH who has been kicked out of the union for criticising the leadership.

Members feel let down on:

  • Failed pay campaigns that end with the Unison leaders recommending cuts in real pay.
  • Agreements with management on Agenda for Change issues reached behind members’ backs.
  • Union reps backing up management rather than supporting members on individual grievances and disciplinary issues.
  • Complaints about the role of unelected full time officials being ignored.
  • Disciplinary action and expulsions from the union being used to silence criticism of the leadership.

It appears that the Unison officials are more interested in maintaining good relations with management than they are with representing members. We need a democratic union that fights on our behalf on jobs, pay and to defend public services.

Come along to the Open Forum to discuss how we can change our union.

IT’S TIME TO RECLAIM OUR UNION                      This is not an “official” UNISON event

For more info contact Pat Lawlor at 07810522111 e-mail: Lawlorsrus at


One Response to “Open Forum for all UNISON members – 3 Dec Belfast”

  1. Joe Judge Says:

    All these big unions are the same, I was in Unite and it went the same way so I left it. They are companies now run by directors getting big salaries.

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