Protest against expulsion of Pat Lawlor

Stop the witchhunt in UNISON

Defend union democracy

No to the expulsion of Pat Lawlor

Join the protest against Pat Lawlor’s expulsion
7 January – 9 am
Holiday Inn
22 Ormeau Avenue

Pat Lawlor, the Unison nursing convenor in the RHV, faces immediate expulsion from Unison.
Pat is accused of sending out an email criticising the Unison leadership for their failure to support striking Classroom Assistants.
Pat was elected by Unison nurses in the RVH who have made it clear that they want him to continue as their rep.
A small committee made up of people from England who have never set foot in the RVH – and who did not bother to consult Unison members there – have taken a decision to expel him from the union.
Unison is now the only union where criticising the leadership is an expellable offensive. Pat Lawlor’s expulsion is part of a general witchhunt against left activists which the leadership have launched in order to prevent opposition developing to their right wing policies.
The final stage of Pat’s expulsion will be a hearing on 7 January in the Holiday Inn, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast. As far as the leadership is concerned the outcome is a foregone conclusion – they are determined to expel Pat.
Don’t let them get away with this.
Come along to the protest on 7 January at the Holiday Inn and show your opposition to Pat’s expulsion.
Build a democratic union that fights to defend the interests of members – join the Campaign for Democracy in Unison.

For further information contact Pat Lawlor on 07810522111
Or check out the Reinstate Pat Lawlor website:


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