Equality doesnt begin at home in UNISON public sector union

The public sector union, Unison expressed concerns on the limitations of Harriet Harman’s Equality Bill stating “UNISON is committed to achieving equality for all”.

UNISON, along with other trades unions and equality campaigners have publicly said that the proposals in the Bill are weak and are no more than a cosmetic exercise. Unison presenting equality as an embedded fundamental principle has responded to the Bill with a “…tailor made equality scheme to give activists the tools to embed equality in everything they do, systematically and consistently…”

Furthermore when reading Unison’s consultation draft for their equality scheme it certainly focuses on key equality features covered by anti-discrimination legislation such as age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion/political belief and sexual orientation.

On first appearances, Unison as a member of The Equality and Diversity Forum appears to be on the vanguard defending equality of treatment for all sections of the working classes. But this is the worst type of hypocritical self promotion as for Unison; equality does not begin at home.

The Unison leadership have no difficulty in politically discriminating against their own members if their control and power is threatened. This is clearly evident by the on-going two year politically motivated investigation against Unison members in Britain alongside Pat Lawlor’s ten month investigation and subsequent expulsion. There can be no coincidence that they are all members of the Socialist Party, who have continually fought for true democracy and accountable leadership in Unison.

During the Pat Lawlor’s investigation and expulsion, the Royal Branch leadership and unelected Regional Officers have had no concerns in undermining his rights for equality. They broke and bent branch and national rules while politically discriminated against him in an attempt to prevent him from representing the members who elected him.

This witch hunt against Socialist Party members and other left activists in Unison is driven by the fear of the National Executive’s deteriorating power base. The success of Socialist Party members in Unison’s up-coming NEC elections illustrates that many members are demanding an opportunity to reclaim Unison and build a truly accountable democracy.

All unison members who have suffered years of pay cuts and broken promises should now demand for a militant fighting union who will defend every job and public service.

Unison democrat


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